Paagan Movie Review

By → Friday, September 7, 2012
Paagan Movie

 Paagan Movie Review: Paagan movie is the next movie for Srikanth after the Naban venture. Srikanth is eager to comedian flick and he worked hard for this movie. he has reduced aroudn 7 kg of weight for this movie it seems. Lets talk about the Movie story. The movie is all about a person trying to get money by short cut, that is our hero and his friends always use shortcut to earn money.

Our hero failed in all the attempt and finally decided to love a rich girl, so that he can make money easily. The rich girl is none other than Janani Iyer very calm and stubborn person, she never smiles at all. Our hero made and attempt to impress her is the rest of the story. Will he manage to impress her and succeed in the life is the remining story?

The movie is moving slowly throughout the film , where Pandi, Soori and Kovai Sarala made to audiences to laugh. It's full and fully comedical film. Nice to watch.

Average rating: 6 out of 10.
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